Thursday, 2 May 2013

settling in

So we are almost settled in at the new house. We have about 5 boxes left to unpack and lots of things floating around that haven't found a permanent home yet but we've only been in a few weeks so I'm really pleased. 

The new house is gorgeous and has a massive kitchen with a dining area 

And a back garden more than 4 times the size of our old house which means there is plenty of room for Sam to play safely and it gets lots of sun so I can get lots of rest sat out in the sun. 

My sewing room is taking shape nicely. Its quite a bit smaller than my old one but I still have one so I count myself lucky. 

and yes as usual there is a definite pink theme going on! 


  1. well done settling in so quick, it will be lovely out in the sun there

  2. Wow what a kitchen!! I bet Sam loves playing in that garden, it's massive :)


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