All about me

Hi everyone, My name is Leigh I'm 33 and live in the UK. I'm very happily married (well most of the time - no-one is perfect!) and have a fantastic little boy called Sam who is 6 years old.

I am a fibromyalgia/ME/CFS sufferer and in recent years it had gotten really bad. I've had to give up work, move closer to my parents and buy a walking frame and a mobility scooter (both of which i have decorated of course!!)

After I was forced to give up work due to my health I started my own business called LDS designs but sadly I ended up having to call that a day in March 2012 as it was putting too much stress on my health. I do miss it but maybe one day the time will be right to try again. 

I've been completing an OCN course on patchwork and quilting since September 2010. It's only 2 hours a week class time which is about all I can manage (and I don't always make that) but I'm really enjoying it and I'm making loads of fantastic things! 

Thank you for reading my blog, please grab a button and link back to me and share your comments. Leigh xx