Monday, 6 May 2013

Flower arranging

So the house move is completed give or take about 6 boxes left to unpack. For a little break this week I decided to work on a few finishing touches. Our previous house was all neutrals and while this house is mostly neutrals the living room has a feature wallpaper featuring orange, gunmetal grey and silver flowers. 

We already had teal cushions as that was our feature colour previously and I wanted to keep those. Then we have the one completed cushion I made in college and the pile of 3 UFOs which had a strong teal colour theme and a minor orange colour theme. They are absolutely perfect and it's like they were designed with this situation in mind, how's that for luck! 

I wanted a dried flower arrangement to go in this vase that my husband had since before we met. So I pulled together all the dried flowers I already had and added a few extra in cream and orange and made up this arrangement for the living room 

and this arrangement for the hallway 

They add a lovely extra splash of colour and help the house feel more finished. A job well done I think. 

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  1. D had a vase?! Before you were married?! Dus didn't even know what a vase was lol! (ok, he may have had some idea)


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