Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I love the colour of these aprons so bright and summery. this is the second lot of aprons I've made for a family friend's autistic granddaughter.  As she is mentally significantly younger than her age and size they were struggling to find young girly aprons to fit her so that's where I step in to help. So they are made to fit her nicely and are made slightly longer than usual to give as much coverage as possible. 

I got this lovely laminated cotton fabric from IKEA and its really reasonably priced at £4 per metre. The last lot I did was in the pink gingham and this time I went for the bright sunny yellow for a change. Although it doesn't fray I still hem all the sides just to give it a little more structure. Then I add a simple cotton tape for the neck and the ties. 

She did mention that she was sending one to school so I made one with her name on and 2 plain ones. 

The pictures aren't great but trying to find a floor space that isn't covered in boxes at the moment is proving virtually impossible. 

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