Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Finish a long Q1 final update

So as you know I am taking part in the Finish-a-long quarter 1 

My list of tasks I hope to achieve can be found in more detail in this previous post. 

Today is my final update to see how much of this list I managed to complete. Sadly I haven't got as much finished as I had hoped due to ill health, a house move, other unexpected tasks and things taking longer than expected but I'm sure that if I hadn't started this I wouldn't have accomplished half as much and I can always roll these items over to next quarter. I ended up with 3 completed items so that is 3 entries into the competition draw but that wasn't the point of joining in and I'm definitely joining in next quarter. 

1- Strip piecing college coursework. 
To do: 
a) bargello runner for blanket box at base of bed 

I had a mistake with one section that I stitched in college as I had the 1/4 inch seam set wrong and I stupidly didn't check so when I came to join it to a section I did at home they were completely different sizes. That college panel has now been repurposed into a journal cover for my blog planner. 

The runner is now completed. I'm currently writing a separate post on this so pictures to follow soon. 

b) seminole strips to edge pillowcases. I didn't like how these looked so I'm now looking at alternative options
c) applique initials onto pillowcases
d) 3 x log cabin blocks for D's quilt I've changed my mind and decided to do pineapple blocks instead. 
e) 3 x dresden plate blocks for my quilt. I've printed out the templates but I'm not sure whether to do 2 pineapple blocks for each quilt or not. 

2- Finish the cushions for the living room sofa
Not even taken these out of the box I'm sad to admit but we've moved into the new house now so I have even more of a kick up the backside to get these finished. 

3 & 4 - Sam library bag and innotab bag
I've pulled out the fabric for the innotab bag but I've not made it yet. Sam went on a school trip to the library where they were given a library bag so I no longer need to make him one. 

5 - Finish my PJ bottoms
With this horrid weather I've been living in my onesies but I'd like to get these finished ready for holidays as they are a nice soft jersey and should be nice and cool. 

6. Alter my jumper
Not started this one either. 

7. Finish my patchwork top. 
Not started this one either.

8 - Mum's scarf 
Not started this one either but think I've changed my mind about how to make this so will probably postpone till her birthday in September. 

9 - Mum and Dad's blanket 
Need to get a start on this one pretty soon as it's an anniversary gift which is less than 2 weeks away! 

10 &11 - Japanese folded bags 
I have finished Tracy's bag and she loved it so now that she's received it  can finally share it with you all. There is a separate post all about it. 
Need to restitch the seams on mine ready to use as a beach bag for holidays. 

12 - Stack n whack 
I've cut all the patterned fabric for this quilt and sewn 4 of the 8 blocks. So I have 4 more blocks to sew and I then have to decide what I am going to do for the central block. I've bought a contrasting blue fabric for sashings and am looking forward to seeing it assembled. 

13 - Mum and Dad's cushions
Complete and delivered to a very happy Mum and Dad. 

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