Friday, 12 April 2013

Finish a long Q2 to do list

OK so in order to try and shrink the giant pile of UFOs overflowing from under my desk I've decided to enter the Finish-a-long link ups for the year here
For quarter 1 with a little help from Sammy I pulled out all the UFOs and sorted them into piles of urgent and non urgent. Then I added projects that I had the fabric for but hadn't started and added those too. This list seemed a little ambitious but I decided heck why not go for it! I managed to complete 3 things on my list so I have quite a few to roll over to quarter 2 and I've clearly not learnt my lesson as I'm starting this quarter with a massive list of 13 things! 

I've tried to put them in priority order this time and hope with some calm time ahead now that the house is almost sorted from the move I can at least make a very good dent in the list. 

1 -  Mum and Dad's blanket 
I bought 2 fleece blankets, one plain beige one cream with beige spots, to make a fleece patchwork blanket for my parents. I cut the pieces and then forgot all about them so the plan is to get this assembled for their wedding anniversary in April. 

2- bedroom curtains 
We need bedroom curtains as the room is just too light with just the roller blind. Here is the lovely fabric we have bought. I've started marking out the cut lines but I was so nervous of making a mistake I pushed them to the back of the UFO pile but I really need to tackle them. 

3 Bags for Sam bedroom 
I definitely need to make a laundry bag for Sam's bedroom and am considering a bag for out of season clothes as wardrobe space in his new room is limited. I found an old Thomas the tank duvet cover that will be perfect for the fabric and cut out the pieces for 1 of the bags but need to google adding a drawstring as I'm not so sure on them which is why they are a UFO

4- Jersey strapless top for holidays 
I made a few shired dresses and tops a few years back but they are looking a little past their best now and one or two are too small so I've bought some gorgeous jersey fabric to make myself some more ready for holidays at the end of April. Here is one of the originals when it was first made. I've since learnt how to do shiring on the machine effectively so I need to finish off this top properly and start the 2nd. 

5 -  Finish my patchwork top. 
I started this top a little while ago and I can't wait to see it finished as I love the purple patchwork. Very sorry for very blurry photo don't quite know what happened there. 

6- Japanese folded bag 
I made this bag a couple of years ago in college but after only a couple of uses a few of the seams are coming apart so my task is to re-sew the seams that are coming apart ready for holidays at the end of April and actually be able to use this bag rather than just moving it around my sewing room and avoiding the dreaded hand sewing task! 

7-  Finish the cushions for the living room sofa
I made this hexagon cushion for part of my college coursework in the 2010-2011 year. I started making some other cushions out of the same fabrics but using different patchwork styles but they have been sat in a ziploc bag ever since. It's about time I got them finished! 

Here are 3 that I've started. A log cabin type block, a 9 patch block and a rectangular cushion with 3 grandmother's flower hexagon blocks to be appliqued on. I may stop at 4 or carry on depending on how much fabric I have left but my goal is to complete 3 making a total of 4. 

8- New quilt covers for our bed
To do: 
* applique initials onto pillowcases (heat and bond templates made but not yet cut from fabric)
* 4 pineapple blocks, 2 per quilt (halfway through 1)

Here is a basic sketch of my original plans. They have changed slightly now but the general idea is still the same.  The plain quilt covers I bought are a lovely cerise pink (yes we have 2 separate single quilts. not conventional but we prefer it) and the fabrics I have are a lovely mix of pale pink, greens and browns which match the bargello runner I made in Q1. (I just used bright colours on the sketch so they would stand out) 

9 - Stack n whack 
The fabrics for the blocks are all cut out and 4 of the 8 blocks are assembled.
To do: 
* Assemble the remaining 4 blocks 
* Decide what I'm doing for the central block

* Cut sashings and join together the 9 blocks 
* Quilt and bind 

10- CD Holder Damian
I seem to be constantly finding scratched CDs where they have been in hubby's car and not looked after. So I decided that I'd make him a load of CDs via itunes so that they can be easily replaced if they get damaged as they won't be originals but he will need something to keep them tidy. I've cut out the parts for this so assembling it should be a nice quick job. 

11- Alter my jumper
I love this jumper but it's a little bit on the tight side and a lot on the the short side. I cut the hem off and was going to add a fabric frill but when i pinned it on it just looked strange so now I'm thinking of adding some lace to increase the length and maybe a panel in each side to increase the size?? I'm not really sure where I'm heading with this one. 

12 - Sam innotab bag
I'm not 100% sure of which fabrics I will use for which yet but currently thinking it will be the striped fabric with the red fleece lining and the Thomas tank border strips as pockets. 

13- Finish my PJ bottoms
This crumpled mess is my first attempt at making myself PJ bottoms. I started to sew them together but went a little wrong sewing 2 fronts together and 2 backs together instead of 1 of each so they need unpicking and restitching together. Once I start they shouldn't take too long but I'm procrastinating as unpicking is bad enough but unpicking jersey fabric is a nightmare!

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