Thursday, 7 February 2013

PE Bags

In September I made this PE bag for Sam to take his PE bag to school. It's a simple drawstring bag with an iron on patch made on the computer showing his favourite TV show at the time the baby looney tunes. 

Then when his best friend's birthday rolled around I decided a nice personalised bag would make a great present. Jake is as Thomas mad as Sam so I knew it had to be a Thomas bag.  I made this one slightly differently to Sam's using Thomas fabric, big felt letters and made it into a drawstring rucksack. His Mum says he loves it and uses it every week. 

I love being able to sew as it gives me the chance to give personalised handmade gifts to people. What is your favourite handmade gift?


  1. What fun gifts!
    My favs depend on the event, kids love the drawstring bags or tote, and I give diaper and wipe pouches at nearly every baby shower.

  2. That was a good idea to sew up gym bags! And they are cute too... What awesome personalized gifts... :)

    hugs x


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