Saturday, 9 February 2013

make your own pattern weights

A few weeks ago I made some pattern weights. I took some step by step photos incase you want to try making your own. They are really easy to make and are fantastic for stopping templates and patterns moving around when you are tracing around them. 

Here are my finished weights: 

Step 1 - Buy some metal washers from the DIY store. I think mine were 80p for 10. Make sure you get ones with holes big enough to wrap the ribbon through. 

Step 2 - Put 3 washers together so that they will be heavy enough then start slowly wrapping some narrow ribbon around slowly overlapping the piece before. 

Step 3 - When you get to the end you need to secure the end of the ribbon. On my first attempt I glued the end and held in place with a clothes peg to dry but I found it came undone too easily. I had to resort to cutting strips of tape in half to make it narrower and wrapping that around the end. 

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