Saturday, 2 February 2013


Two and a half years ago we downsized quite dramatically. We moved from a 4 bedroom house with a huge garage to this 2 bedroom bungalow with a severly waterlogged garage which is pretty much unusable. We decluttered some when we moved but we were still trying to cram too much stuff into a too small house. During the snow we were stuck indoors so we had a sort out and declutter of some of the kitchen cupboards. Things that were not used or out of date were thrown out and everything else was organised and labelled. I forgot to take any before photos so you'll just have to believe me how messy they were. 

On the right the medicine cupboard. Due to all my medications this is always quite a big cupboard. 
On the left the baking cupboard which is now lovely and tidy and I can now find everything easily.

This is an awkward cupboard as it is very narrow. On the bottom shelf are notebooks, pens etc along with house fairy treats and fairy dust. The middle shelf holds nuts and raisins and the top shelf holds things like bubble mixture, hot water bottles and spare tent pegs. 

This metal shelf unit fills the awkward space between the end of the units and the back door. It tended to be a catch all for things that didn't have a home. So now the bread maker lives on the top shelf, frequently used tupperware on the next shelf and treat boxes and fruit bowl on the next. Then my crockpot lives below and right under that is a little pull out drawer that holds all my cookie cutters. Then on the very bottom is our kitchen bin. Then the little baskets on the side hold bin liners, Sam's lunch box, bread and cereal bars. We also have a few little hooks for hanging things like bananas and the apple slicer. It's a very handy unit (got to love IKEA) and now that it's nicely organised it is really useful. 

Lastly the tupperware cupboard. We were forever ending up with mismatched tubs and lids so I decided that they would now be put back together as soon as they were washed and stacked like that. Yes it takes up more room but as we don't use that many it doesn't make a huge difference for us. The blue box on the left holds things that we don't use that often like dip bowls, metal freezer dishes etc and a spare lunch box for when Sam's breaks as they are so much easier to find in September so I tend to buy 2 so I have a spare. The bottom shelf holds plastic plates and dishes, chopping boards and the toaster. 

Next cupboard on my hit list is this one under the sink as it's chaos. I think I'll get one of those little shelves to go in there to make use of the height. 


  1. The Daz looks like it's floating in your under sink cupboard lol!!

  2. Decluttering is such a mission. Thanks for visiting my blog


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