Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photo a day challenge. 1-9

I've seen various photo a day challenges floating around but as my life always seemed so boring in comparison thanks to the ME/fibro limiting my abilities I never joined in. After looking at a photo a day challenge a fellow sufferer called Kate has been doing it dawned on me that maybe I was focusing on the negative rather than the positive as even though Kate is as ill as me and like me frequently has to spend the day in bed she still found something positive to focus on.
Here is an example which I'm sure she won't mind me sharing. One day she went out to visit her friend but was only well enough to manage half an hour. Whereas I would likely have focused on the fact that I'd had to limit my time she celebrated that she had managed to get out and visit her friend at all regardless of how long for!
So I'm taking a leaf out of Kate's book and trying to find something positive to focus on every day! Here we go with days 1 to 9.

Day 1- despite not feeling well I made it to college. I wasn't up to any sewing but enjoyed catching up with the girls as I'd missed a few weeks and had a look through books to start planning projects for next academic year.

Day 2 - went for coffee with friends after school run in morning before going home for a nap. Love caramel latte! :-)

Day 3 - holidays!!! A week in the sunshine (hopefully) with my parents and sammy. Flight was quick and Sam loved coming on the 'ambi-lift' onto the plane with me in my wheelchair!

Day 4 - worn out from the flight but the sun is shining so I'm happy! The children's pool is awesome complete with slides and pirate ship so I'm chilling with my kindle while Sam plays.

Day 5 - we wanted to see what else was around in the resort to see if worth me paying to hire an electric wheelchair so we took a tour on the road train to have a look. Sam loved it as train mad.

Day 6 - had a quiet day by pool again, can't seem to keep Sam out of there! After dinner we took a little stroll to the seafront opposite hotel and Sam went for a ride on a pony. He loved it!

Day 7 - discovered that there was a tiny little beach opposite hotel. It wasn't very big but Sam had a paddle in the sea and I got to collect some sand for our sand jar where we collect sand from every beach we visit.

Day 8 - not feeling too well today so mum and dad took Sam to the pool so I could sleep. In the evening he went to a party in kids club and we chilled out at the bar. Had a very nice baileys coffee with cream! Yummy!

Day 9 - there were lots of kids club activities that Sam wanted to do today in between playing in the pool. My favourite of which was watching him play 'gnome bowling'. That's not a sentence I ever envisaged myself saying! Lol

Hope you enjoyed this little snapshot into my life x

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  1. What a very positive and brilliant 9 days, yours can be just as good as other people, as you have shown, if you look on the bright side,I'm sure Sammy appreciated it, keep it going!


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