Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hanging toiletries bag

A while ago my dad asked me to make him a hanging toiletries bag for their holidays. He wanted it to "hang up, have see through pockets if possible and not be too big".
I drew myself some sketches and worked out the best and easiest way to make it. I was struggling to work out what to use for see through pockets when I remembered I had kept the thick plastic wrappers our new bedding had come in!

I didn't take photos sorry but here's a basic tutorial,
- I cut out 3 pockets from the plastic and made bias binding to go across the top edge of each pocket.
- Then I cut out 2 pieces of fabric the same width as the pockets (and the hanger).
- The length was the depth of the 3 pockets plus 2 inches to allow gaps in between
- then I attached the pockets to one of the big pieces. In order to
Keep a nice finish I placed the pocket with the top facing downwards, stitched along the bottom and then folded the pocket up into position. This way it hid any rough edges along the bottom of the pocket.
- once all 3 pockets were attached I placed the second piece of fabric on top right sides together. I also added in 4 elastic loops, 2 on either side. A long set for when rolled up full and a short set for when rolled up empty.

- I stitched around all 4 sides leaving a small gap on top side for the hanger hook to fit through and a turning gap on bottom
- turn through and insert hanger through turning gap and feed hook out through gap left at top.
- top stitch bottom to close turning hole and top where elastics are to reinforce.

So here it is all finished and I'm really pleased with it. Sewing the plastic was a new experience but I got there in the end and dad was really pleased with it which makes all the hard work worth it!
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  1. this is brilliant, no wonder your Dad was pleased, good idea to use that thick plastic........ I hope you are still keeping positive!


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