Friday, 1 June 2012

Photo a day challenge

Very pleased with myself that managed to complete a whole
Month of the photo a day challenge! :-)
I shared days 1-9 previously so thought I'd share some more today.

Day 10- arrived back in uk and thankfully the special assistance team at Cardiff made up for the appalling treatment at Palma airport! Sam was happy to be home and to see daddy but also because he had money left and airport shop sold moshi monster cards!

Day 11 - after a week away trying to get back on the weightwatchers wagon with my trusty journal.

Day 12 - Fibro awareness day today. My good friend came to visit me today bringing with her a jar of my favourite caramel coffee :-) yummy!

Day 13 - packed Sam of for sleeping the night at his grandparents and looked forward to a quiet night and some uninterrupted TV !

Day 14 - college coursework due in so time for finishing up projects Check out my pretty scalloped bag!

Day 15 - after finishing the sewing yesterday time to finish the admin today :-( finally got it all finished though and 217 pages handed in :-)

Day 16 - spent some time this morning altering a stuffed ostrich to look like olive the ostrich from the kids cartoon. Think I did a pretty good job. Curled up on the sofa with some painkillers and my hot beanbag to finish off the hand sewing parts.

Day 17 - weightwatchers followed by lunch with the girls. Had this gorgeous sticky toffee cake for dessert! :-)

Hope you are all enjoying this snapshot into my life. And if you fancy having a go yourself don't forget it doesn't have to run from January to December! Mine started on 1st may!

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  1. a great week lol love the new bag and good on you doing all that course work


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