Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

So today is my 32nd birthday! I've had some fantastic presents including a kindle off my fabulous husband and a dress form off my parents (which I had a few months early). My friend Tracy bought me some beautiful sari silk fabric and while trying to decide what I wanted to make with it I remembered a top I'd fancied on Glee the other day and had been trying to figure out how to make:
Here is the video of Rachel wearing the top I tried to find a picture of it online but I'm afraid you'll have to settle for this rubbish picture taken with my Iphone!
I remembered see a tutorial for making a beach cover up that was similar so off I went in search of it:
I found this one from Martha Stewart and the original one I'd read at wobisobi.

The Sari Fabric was just the right width and had beautiful gold patterned edging.
How I made mine: (sorry I didn't take any pictures)
1. Measured from my shoulder to where I wanted the top to end (I like my tops long as I'm pear shaped and rather self conscious of my bum) and doubled it to get the length i needed.
2. Hem the two ends of the long fabric strip
3. Fold the fabric in half so the two hemmed ends are together with right sides out. Fold in half again widthways to give you the centre of your fabric.
4. Measure how wide you want your neck opening, divide by 2 and mark along the top measuring from the folded edge.
5. Measure how low you want the v at the front to be and mark this down the folded edge. Join the two points you've just marked with a line and cut along the line.
6. Unfold the widthways fold and make sure all sides match up or your top will be wonky.
7. Mark the centre line on the front of the top. Measure from your shoulder to your arm pit and add 1-2 inches. Measure from the folded top edge and Mark a line across so you know where to stop sewing.
8. Measure around your bust, divide by 2 and add 1 inch for comfort. Measure out from the centre line each way and mark this point on the armpit horizontal line.
9. Measure around the widest part where your top is going to finish (for me my hips/bum as my top goes past them) divide by 2 and add 1 inch for comfort. Mark this either side of the centre line along the bottom of the top.
10. Join the two points on each side giving you an A line shape. Pin along this line on both sides.
11. Starting from the bottom sew up the line stopping at your horizontal line. Repeat on the other side.
12. Hem around the neck opening and you're done.

And here is my beautiful finished top ready for a meal out tonight! Plus I still have loads left to make something else with!!!


  1. This is lush Leigh! I'm totally scared of making clothes for myself and now I'm thinking I'm missing out! Get ur hubby to take a pic in this top when you're all glammed up ready to go out! xx

  2. Happy Birthday girl! Have a great one!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Great top - hope you had a lovely meal out!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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