Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Patchwork Chickens

When I first started my patchwork + quilting course these were the first things I said I wanted to make after seeing them at an exhibition previously. So this week I finally got to make them and I will most definitely be making more!!
The largest one I made out of log cabin patchwork using Christmas fabrics (20cm), the middle 2 are just made from plain christmas fabric (15cm) and the small one (10cm) is also made from a mini log cabin square using christmas fabrics.
The large one went to our friend as it was also her birthday present, 2 other friends had the middle 2 and our other friend had the baby one so that it was small enough for her to take it to chemotherapy sessions with her. They were all excited to receive them as we don't normally exchange gifts but I was somewhat surprised that 3 out of 4 promptly sniffed them as soon as they got them! Note for next year - put lavender in them!! LOL


  1. These are fab. I have one I bought at a craft show with the intention of making more but so far its a job that has remained on my to do list.
    I sit mine on my pillow so a get the lavender scent.
    You have made me think about doing this sonner rather than later x

  2. Do link up some pictures if you do make them Judith, I'd love to see them. I ended up giving all mine I made away so have to make some more in the new year.


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