Wednesday, 15 December 2010

School presents - Gingerbread

Seen as they are predicting more snow I decided to take sam's school presents in today instead of tomorrow. We spent a day baking last week and made:
15 Giant Gingerbread Men,
35 Small Gingerbread Men +
12 Gingerbread Christmas Trees!!
That gave us enough for friends + family as well as presents for the staff in Sam's school. I left the small gingerbread men plain and bagged them in 5's in christmas bags, decorated the trees with tinsel and baubles and wrapped in cellophane in pairs and then gave the giant gingerbread men faces + buttons + wrapped individually.
His 3 class teachers + the lady who runs after school club also got a mini santa candle.
I just made a simple label in Microsoft word (feel free to leave a message if you want a copy) with a gingerbread man clipart + the words Merry Christmas from Damian, Leigh + Sam xx so that it didn't matter which package I grabbed as all the labels were the same. Everyone seemed really pleased (especially hubby as he got to eat any broken ones!) And as I don't like them they were all still there come the day to give them out!

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