Monday, 20 September 2010

step by step instructions

OK after a couple of requests I am going to attempt to make step by step in instructions
I was feeling impatient (and just a little lazy) so I decided to order three of these from ebay

I ordered ordered cute dots, cute pink and cute flowers/dots.  Very impressed with how quickly they came and they are actually nice and straight. They do look smaller than 4 inches to my eye but keep meaning to get the ruler out to check and forgetting.

Step 1: work out how big you want the quilt to be. Mine is to fit a twin bed (2ft6 wide) so therefore I want it to be approximately 4ft wide (48 inches) and 6ft long (72 inches) . I will lose quarter of an inch off each side for the seams making each square now 3.5 inches.
width: 10 squares of 3.5 inches each = 35 inches  I've decided to add 10 inches to either side in the same pink gingham that i'll be using for the backing therefore making the finished width 55inches.
length: 15 squares of 3.5 inches each = 52.5  If I again add 10 inches border of pink gingham to make it even with the sides this makes the total finished length 72.5 inches.

Coming soon: Step 2 - sewing together the squares

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