Thursday, 28 November 2013

wedding gift

A very good friend of mine who I think of as the baby sister I never had got married in September. As they had lived together for a while they didn't really need any traditional wedding gifts and she insisted she didn't want a gift anyway just for us to be there. 

Doesn't she look beautiful! And my two gorgeous nephews. 

And I couldn't resist sharing this photo of my Sammy looking handsome and grown up in his suit. I really must figure out how to edit the photo and get rid of the strange light shining on his trousers. 

I decided to repeat the trapunto effect wall hanging I made for my friend last Christmas. This time I chose a celtic knot design for the top and bottom

I then chose a smaller celtic heart design for the centre panels and alternated them with squares embroidered with their names and wedding date. The deep red is the colour she had chosen for bridesmaids so I made it to match that. 

I'm pleased to say she was very happy with it. 

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  1. looks a fab day and Sammy is growing so much


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