Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sam's St David's day project

So as I'm sure most of you already know I am Welsh. 

That means that every year we at the end of February we have to spend the weekend making some sort of Welsh themed craft for school. Usually they are quite specific but this year we could make anything Welsh themed in any medium so of course Sam saw it as an excuse to get his sewing machine out. He's definitely my son! 

I did plan out doing something foundation pieced but I couldn't find a pattern that I thought he could cope with and I wanted him to do as much as possible himself. So we decided we would make a daffodil picture using heat and bond. Sam drew the petals and leaves onto a piece of heat and bond and cut around them roughly leaving a border. He then looked through my fabric scrap box for some green and yellow fabrics and chose a nice blue fabric for the background. He ironed the heat and bond onto the fabric with supervision and cut out the pieces on the lines he had drawn earlier. He then laid them out on the backround fabric and ironed them in place. 

We then used a simple zig zag stitch on the sewing machine to hold the pieces in place and add extra details. I control the foot pedal as he's still rather heavy footed but he controls the fabric independently. I have to try and sit on my hands to stop me jumping in. who cares if the lines aren't straight after all! 

And this is his finished piece isn't it amazing! I'm a very proud mummy. 


  1. Good job Sam!
    Also, good luck with your move. :)

  2. well done Sam, bet they love this at school


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