Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Finish-a-long Q1 update 23/1/13

So as you know I am taking part in the Finish-a-long quarter 1 

My list of tasks I hope to achieve can be found in more detail in this previous post. 

Today is an update to see how I am getting along at meeting this list. I've not made a huge amount of progress but I have made some so I'm happy. 

1- Strip piecing college coursework. 
To do: 
a) bargello runner for blanket box at base of bed 
I completed 1/3 of runner on the sewing machine in college and 1/3 on my sewing machine at home. When I went to join these 2 sections together before starting the 3rd I found they were completely different sizes. Apparently what I thought was a 1/4 inch seam on the college machine wasn't so a smaller seam x 10 strips = a completely different size finished piece. So the college piece has been abandoned and I will have to make a further 2 sections at home. I think I'll end up using the discarded section for a journal cover or something. 
b) seminole strips to edge pillowcases. 
I completed the seminole strip but it didn't look right edging the pillow so I think I'll do a braided strip instead. 
c) applique initials onto pillowcases
d) 3 x log cabin blocks for D's quilt  
I bought foundation fabric for a pineapple block which is a variation on a log cabin block. 
e) 3 x dresden plate blocks for my quilt. 
I've printed out the template sheet and saved a tutorial to my kindle fire ready to get started. 

2- Finish the cushions for the living room sofa

3 &4 - Sam library bag and innotab bag
Tasks 3 and 4 share a photo as I'm not 100% sure of which fabrics I will use for which yet, Most likely the library bag will be the baby looney tunes fabric lined with the striped fabric and the innotab case will be the striped fabric with the red fleece lining and the Thomas tank border strips as pockets. 

5 - Finish my PJ bottoms

6. Alter my jumper

7. Finish my patchwork top. 

8 - Mum's scarf 

9 - Mum and Dad's blanket 

10 &11 - Japanese folded bags 
I've ordered and received the fabric for the centre of the panels on Tracy's bag but didn't manage to make it to the fabric warehouse this weekend to get the main fabric due to snow. That has been postponed to next week. I don't really want to order online as I want the colours to match perfectly. 

12 - Stack n whack 
I've cut all the patterned fabric for this quilt and pinned it up on my design wall so I know which 4 blocks are rotating clockwise and which 4 are rotating anti clockwise. I've assembled 1 block so far so still to do:
a) cut the remaining shapes of the background fabric
b) Assemble the remaining 7 blocks 
c) decide what I'm doing for the central block
d) cut sashings andjoin together the 9 blocks 
e) Quilt and bind 

13 - Mum and Dad's cushions
3 of the 4 panels are now fully quilted and I've started the 4th. Then it's just a case of sewing in the zips and assembling the cushions. 


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog post. You sure have a lot on your to do list ... it would take me forever to complete all that!!

  2. So many fabulous projects on your list - hope you can get them all done!

  3. Urgh that darned snow!! We've had no mail for an entire week now, waiting on some piping to arrive too :( xx


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