Friday, 28 December 2012

sprucing up my sewing room

I know I'm very lucky to have a dedicated sewing space (not counting the fact i have to share it with the freezer and ironing etc) but since we moved into this house a little over 2 years ago my sewing room has had various furniture combinations, some  new, some old and some that had seen better days. It's also had an assortment of layouts but has never been quite right.

As I'm spending more time in there with me becoming increasingly housebound and with me doing the college course so d and I agreed we needed to get it working more effectively for me.

We agreed what I wanted for there and took a trip to Ikea for some boxes and tubs, a trip to Tesco for some wrapping paper and a trip to B&Q for some paint to try and pretty up some of the shabbier items (I'm sure regular readers can guess what colour!) We considered spray paint but with no room in the garage and unable to use outside due to the wonderful weather that wasn't a viable option. In the end I opted for emulsion paint as it came in a good variety of colours and tester pots weren't too expensive. I know it doesn't give a perfect finish but I was happy to compromise on that. I chose 3 shades of pink paint and a metallic pink paint.

We picked up 13 pink fabric boxes to go in the existing Ikea units to replace the combination of open units and black and white boxes that we had previously. Here is Sam having a rest from shopping Sat on the pile of pink fabric boxes from Ikea.

My theory was that putting things in boxes that all matched would immediately make the room seem tidier as most of the clutter would be hidden away. I kept 4 of the 5 of the black and white boxes that used to be in the low unit under the window and covered them in pretty pink wrapping paper so that they would fit in with my colour scheme. (as you can see in the photo I have one box left to cover)
I have most of my scrapbook supplies in plastic boxes so that keeps that area nice and tidy. My fabric is on the bookcase behind the ironing board waiting to be folded neatly.

The shelves above my desk were left over from my craft room in our old house but had never been put up in this house. A coat of pink paint and they were ready to go up.  The rails were also leftover from the old house so just needed a few new plastic pots and they were ready to go.

The old grey metal drawers that I'd had for around 20; years and were rather battered after several house moves look fab with their new coat of pink paint as do the wooden drawer units.

My rocking chair has now been repurposed as a desk chair which is so much comfier than the plastic chair I had but could possibly do with being recovered in a fabric to coordinate with the room and d has made me a lovely design board on one wall that I will feature in a separate post.

And today's finishing touches some pretty fairy lights and an upcycled personalised clock.

 What do you think?


  1. Wow what a great transformation! Can I guess your favourite colour is pink by any chance??

  2. I'm not sure I'd get anything productive done with a rocking chair at my desk lol :D


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