Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas cakes

I love to make Christmas cakes. I'm a traditionalist so soak the fruit first few days in October then bake the cake and feed every 1-2 weeks until 10 days before Christmas. Then it's time to add the marzipan and icing. This year I only made 3. A large cake each for us and my parents and 3 individual cakes for my grandmother. I'd usually make one for my friend too but as she's now not allowed to eat dairy or eggs and is having to limit wheat she wouldn't be able to eat it. 

As I had a few bits of leftover marzipan and icing I decided to attempt to decorate them. I coloured the marzipan red and the icing green then cut out a mixture of different size stars and assembled them on top of the cakes using a little water to make them stick. I then topped them with a sprinkle of edible glitter to finish.
D's already tested a slice of ours and says it was delicious. I better try a piece soon before he eats it all!
our Christmas cakes

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