Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wind proof price label holders

With the run up to Christmas it's time for our local town to start it's Christmas craft and farmers markets. Because there is nowhere for them to be held inside it means we are outside! They do provide covered stalls with side panels so things stay dry but we are still vulnerable to wind.
I've tried various ways to label my stock that is eye catching but also won't blow around. I had a few ideas but many of them were out of my budget. I came up with a great budget idea but to complete it I needed baby food jars or small jam jars.
I put out an appeal on facebook and two friends came to my aid! I had wooden lollipop sticks in my craft box and picked up some wooden pegs from a pound shop.
They came out better than expected so I've included instructions incase anyone else wants to make them.

1 - using PVA glue join the wooden peg to the top of the stick. Leave to dry.
2 - either use playdough or salt dough (I used salt dough) to half fill the jars. Place the bottom of the lollipop stick into the dough.

3 - cut out a large circle of fabric preferably using a pinking scissors big enough that it will come up about an inch over the top of the jar on either side.
4 - gather the fabric up and tie as tight as possible with string. Wrap around several times and tie again. Make sure that it's tied around below the peg!
5 - fan out the top of the fabric so it looks pretty.

I think these would also look lovely in Christmas fabrics along a mantlepiece holding photos or Christmas cards.

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