Sunday, 23 January 2011

My dressform has arrived!! - Excellent Service

Meet Lizzie Mark 2! Isn't she lovely!! 

Well I have to say your service is superb! I ordered on the Wednesday evening and she arrived on the Friday morning. Excellent condition, well packed, great instructions and an extra set of waist marker stickers so that I can re-mark on the outside of the stretchy cover.
I ordered the 8 part leg form deluxe which is great because you can us the stand in the centre like a traditional dressform or to one side as shown in the picture so it can be used to fit trousers. I also treated myself to a cream stretchy cover which makes it look prettier with the gaps where she is adjusted to the larger end of the scale and will also hide the few bits (bum and boobs! lol) that I need to pad out using some wadding that I also ordered. So for those of you in the UK when you consider ordering a dressform I highly recommend you have a look.

Please note I have no affiliation with this company I just believe people these days are all to quick to complain about bad service and it's too rare that truly good service gets the praise it deserves.

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