Sunday, 23 January 2011

Baking cupboard sortout.

I'm dabbling in making cookie bouquets at the moment and while I'm sure mine won't look this good

I have more chance of them being presentable and ultimately sellable if I'm organised. So here is my newly organised baking cupboard.

The top left shelf is nailvarnish remover, contact lenses etc. And the bottom 2 right ones are medicines (I'm on A LOT for my fibro.
My cookie cutters are now all together in the metal drawer that fits in my metal shelf unit (I've since sewn a liner for it as they kept falling through the gaps)

and the pink plastic drawers hold:
Top- icing equipment
Middle - sprinkles & toppings
Bottom - colourings, flavourings, glycerine & gelatine.
They live in my craft room next door.

After looking through some of the organisation blogs I follow I had to laugh that my after pictures look more like their before pictures but never mind eh!? Lol

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