Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sam's nativity costume

Sam's first school nativity play and I'm so excited!!! The play they are doing is called the sleepy shepherd and Sam is a cow. I managed to get some lovely cow print fur fabric and used a pair of sam's pjs as a pattern. Luckily I cut it out in basic polycotton first as a trial run because the top was just right but the trousers were way too small!!! I then unpicked the seams and used those pieces as templates to cut the cow fabric. It won't need hemming or anything as it doesn't fray so its just putting in an elasticated waist and attaching the tail. I also used one of sam's coats to give me a pattern for the hood and that will have a popper at the front under the chin and 2 ears on the top. I'm sure he's going to be the handsomest boy on stage!

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