Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Stack n whack

We are learning a new technique in college this year called 'stack n whack' or kaleidoscope quilting.
The technique involves cutting identical squares of fabric and placing them in a pile one on top of each other. The pile is then cut into identical size segments.  You take one pile of segments and sew them together in a pinwheel pattern. There are varying effects available based on the size segments you use and how many segments. We used 8 segments for our project.

More detail can be found in books such as this. There are also videos on you tube such as this and this.

You can use a mirror to try and get an idea of what your blocks will look like to help you choose your fabric. Here is a good video on how to choose suitable fabric. 
Using a mirror to choose where to cut my fabric. 

The blocks end up looking very different to each other and often nothing like the original fabric. The black picture shows an example completed quilt. My quilt is made using this lovely blue floral Amy butler fabric backed with a pale blue fabric. I've only sewn together one block so far but have a few others pinned out on my design wall to see what they will look like. I'm really enjoying this project! 

An example stack n whack quilt 
My blocks pinned up on my new design wall. I've made mine so 4 blocks go clockwise and 4 go anti clockwise but so far I've only assembled one block. 

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  1. These are such cool looking quilts! I have wanted to make one, but hasn't risen high enough on the list. I look forward to seeing yours!


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