Friday, 9 September 2011

First day of Reception class

Monday 5th September marked the first day of the new school year and for Sam his first day of reception class! No more nursery for 2 hours in the afternoon he's now in school for the whole day!
And with the new school year comes a new set of school photos. Isn't he handsome!!!

With his school bag and lunchbox.

And with his sign showing the date and year.

And of course with Sam the out takes!! :

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  1. fab pics, he looks very proud... before you know it, you will be taking leaving pics lol where does the time go

  2. Hiya Leigh
    Loved the pictures of the Hamster, I got a letter from my DD's 'hammie' after she let her loose on the computer keyboard very cute but a bit confusing to read it went some thing like this...
    ,sdfi' uo9e n nbv;y8bivt r v 9iydq87 n.. I think that's 'hammie' speak for Hiya Granny!Also loved your boy's first day of school pictures doesn't he look great!Hope your well!


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