Saturday, 12 March 2011

I'm joining the Friday night sew in - are you?

Look what I found!

How cool is this? And of course hubby can't possibly object to some me time as it's part of a group thing (insert wicked giggle here!)
I've got a few things that I really need to be finished by then end of next weekend so I'll start them all and see what still needs to be done Friday.

Friday: Not feeling very well today plus Sammy has a friend for tea so probably do mine Saturday night instead. Have only managed to get one thing done off my list so really need to get some sewing dome this weekend! Also need to finish my patchwork bag before college Tuesday. 

1. Rag seamed fleece blanket for Emma's mum (business order) DONE
2. unpick mis-sewn seam in pj bottoms and re-stitch to complete
3. embellish t-shirt with leftover fabric from pj bottoms
4. Thomas tank cushions for Sammy
5. Embellished onesies and t-shirts for shop
6. Sammysaurus t-shirt for Sam
7. some more eye masks
8. some more washing up bottle aprons
9. trial handbag organiser

And if by some miracle I've finished all those:
1. Stay put towels
2. Small fleece pushchair blankets
3. Dummy/toy  clips
4. Ring binder covers
5. Notebook covers
6. patchwork bunting
7. phone cases
8. more handbag organisers
9. more colouring rolls
10 . kids toy bags
11. train carry wraps
12. car carry wraps
13. dribble bandanas
14. strips for denim quilt
15. pay it forward projects
16. dad's fleece blanket
17 . curtains for my craft room (doubles as spare room and have a visitor statying in there in  May - waving to crafty mum!!!!)

wow i think i need a few more dedicated sewing sessions don't you!!

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