Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My navitity collection

I've been collecting these for a few years ever since my late mother in law gave me the one on the right a few years back.
More details:
Far left: This was one I bought this year from a UK shop called BM Bargains. Think I only paid about £4 for it and it is adorable. I like the cartoon type figures and with sam in the toddler stage it appeals to him too.
Back left: This was bought for me by my husband's great aunt about 6 years ago. Its a nativity ornament, I like the traditional style of it.
Back right: This was given to me by the same great aunt last year when she moved from her own home into residential care. It's a cherished teddy nativity scene and goes with my huge collection of cherished teddies.
Far right: My favourite because it came from my wonderful mother in law! She was a nurse on a children's ward and I think I remember her saying she used to take it to work. Its all plastic. It did have a stable made by my father in law out of leftover wood and green tinsel but that's seen better days!
There is also a 5th one that isn't in the picture that I bought in Portugal last year. I'll try and get a photo posted of that soon.


  1. I love your Nativities and none are like mine, how wonderful. They are so pretty.

  2. Thanks Andrea, it's amazing how many versions there are of the same theme.


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