Monday, 8 July 2013

finish a long q3 starting post

After the abysmal failure of quarter 2 where I only managed to complete 1 item I'm setting myself a much more manageable list this quarter! 

So rolling over from quarter 2 we have: 

Bedroom curtains 
We need bedroom curtains as the room is just too light with just the roller blind. Here is the lovely fabric we have bought. I've started marking out the cut lines and they have been pinned up on the curtain pole in our bedroom for weeks now for me to get a feel of the length but I was so nervous of making a mistake after the disaster last time I made curtains I pushed them to the back of the UFO pile but I really need to tackle them. 

Finish my patchwork top. 
I started this top a little while ago and I can't wait to see it finished. I love the purple patchwork fabric and I'm sure once I get my head down it won't actually take that long to finish. Very sorry for very blurry photo don't quite know what happened there. 

Finish the cushions for the living room sofa
I made this hexagon cushion for part of my college coursework in the 2010-2011 year. I started making some other cushions out of the same fabrics but using different patchwork styles but they have been sat in a ziploc bag ever since. It's about time I got them finished! 

Here are 3 that I've started. A log cabin type block, a 9 patch block and a rectangular cushion with 3 grandmother's flower hexagon blocks to be appliqued on. I may stop at 4 or carry on depending on how much fabric I have left but my goal is to complete 3 making a total of 4. The flowers have now been appliqued in place (hand sewing projects come in handy for taking to quilt guild) so I have made a tiny bit of progress but not enough!

Finish my PJ bottoms
This crumpled mess is my first attempt at making myself PJ bottoms. I started to sew them together but went a little wrong sewing 2 fronts together and 2 backs together instead of 1 of each so they need unpicking and restitching together. Once I start they shouldn't take too long but I'm procrastinating as unpicking is bad enough but unpicking jersey fabric is a nightmare!

Finish stack & whack quilt 
This one has actually made a massive amount of progress from the last quarter and I really want to see it finished.  The top is all assembled and sandwiched so it's just the quilting to finish and then binding to put on. I've completed the echo quilting on 6 of the 8 squares so there are 2 more squares to do and then whatever I choose to put in the sashings and borders. I'm so pleased with this quilt and really want to get it finished and pride of place in our living room! 

Wedding gift 
And the one new addition to the list is a secret item that is a wedding gift for a friend, I've cut out the pieces and traced the design onto 1 of the big sections but need to set up some sort of 'light box' to trace the other big section and the 3 small sections as I'm finding tracing on the window too physically demanding at the moment.  

Wish me luck! 

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