Saturday, 2 March 2013

Humpty Dumpty

The Nursery class in Sam's school were looking for a Humpty Dumpty toy for their upcoming topic but they were having trouble locating one. I'd done some sewing for their teacher before so she asked me how hard it would be to make a Humpty Dumpty. I told her I was sure it wouldn't be too hard and to leave it with me. Here is what I made. 

Don't you just love the little plaster (band aid for my American friends) on his head! 

He even has removable arms and legs attached by velcro so that he can be "put back together again"

He's mostly made from recycled materials and scraps. All I needed to add was the white fleece for his top half. I used parts of D's old shirts and scraps of felt.

His teacher was over the moon with it and I'm sure he'll be loved by Nursery classes for years to come.


  1. he's so lovely and cute, well done on the detachable arms and legs, bet they were very pleased with it


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