Friday, 14 December 2012

Nativity scenes

While I had some peace and quiet today I got a chance to get my nativity scenes out. I've collected them for years and try and get one new one every year.
This year I've added two new ones. One is the lovely knitted one near the bottom of the main picture knitted by my wonderful friend 'crafty mum'. Isn't it lovely!
The second is a nativity scene advent calendar quilt where you sew buttons on the quilt and every day add one figure or building on a button and by Christmas you have a completed scene.
I have quite a variety including the tiniest ever one in sterling silver, a cherished teddies one and the one on the top left that belonged to my late mother in law.
They are my all time favourite Christmas things and I hope you liked seeing them.

My nativity scenes collection. Also a few cherished Redford, Beatrix Potter and me to you Christmas ornaments. oh and our Hamster Mr Wiggled too of course! 
My nativity wall hanging. Still need to finish some of the characters and sort out the hanging sleeve. 


  1. I love nativity scenes, we've only one one and it's only got Mary, Joseph and Jesus. It helps me remember that Christmas isn't about the twinkles, it's about the birth :)

    twinkles are also good :D

  2. Yes it's nice to remember why we celebrate in the first place but I agree sparkles good too! Lol

  3. glad you like the knitted nativity! i love your collection x


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