Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Make your own t-shirts

While looking to keep the cost of Christmas down and make as much as possible myself I had the idea of making t-shirts for hubby.

I made 3. 1 for Christmas and 2 for his birthday (boxing day) 
Apologies for the not great photos but I needed to get them wrapped before Sam saw them as he's not great at keeping secrets!
Slogan t-shirts can cost £10-£15 while photo ones can cost up to £20. I paid £4 for the basic t-shirts and I already had the printer transfer paper but as I only used 2 sheets between 3 t-shirts it works out at about £1.50 so that's 3 t-shirts for £13.50

Personal, fun and easy to make, and reasonably priced. Why not give it a go.
1. The sarcasm t-shirt 

This one is my favourite. It describes my husband perfectly as every other sentence of his is sarcastic and I know he's going to love it.
2. The algebra t-shirt 

Hubby is a maths teacher so this is very appropriate for him and will be great for wearing to teacher training days send things.
3. The daddy t-shirt

He has had a few of these over the years which I have had professionally printed but this year I decided to give it a go at doing it myself. I took a photo from the Olympics and used a basic paint programme on the computer to erase the background.

Happy sewing. Leigh x

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