Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's that time of year again

It's Christmas time again which means making Christmas things in college.
This year we are making Christmas tree boxes.

I must admit the early stages of this project I wished I'd never started. First my hands hurt cutting all the cardboard (thank you arthritis!) And the glue got everywhere and I got stuck to things, but that could just be because I'm clumsy *giggle* but once I got on to the sewing part I started to enjoy it.
I've made the box for Sam out of this lovely Christmas train fabric that i picked up at a quilt festival last year. I didn't go down the traditional Christmas fabrics route or decorate it with beads as per the original (sewn on ric rac seemed a more practical option for a not quite 6 year old) but I'm really pleased how well it turned out and Sam loves it which is the most important thing.

So that's 2 out of 4 college modules completed putting me slightly ahead of schedule. yeah!!!! :-)

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