Friday, 10 February 2012

Fabric painting

As part of our latest college project we have to do some sort of fabric painting. Our tutor found a method where the fabric is draped over an object (we used a candle in a candle stick) and the paint is applied in strokes from the top of the object down towards the edge of the fabric. It creates this lovely starburst effect.
We each completed a small test piece first then once we were happy we completed a piece large enough that it can be used to cover the lid of a box.
I used a combination of purple, pink, silver and hints of teal on my fabric. Once all the paint has been applied we scrunched the fabric up. Then we let it dry and ironed to set the paint.

The next criteria we needed to achieve was stencilling. Because I felt my fabric reminded me of a firework I chose to stencil it with small stars in yellow and white fabric paint.

I'm looking forward to going back to college after the half term break and getting in with the rest of this project. Still to do is a 3d topper for the box lid made using fabric and wire. I'll share some photos once it's done.
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