Sunday, 30 October 2011

Photos from quilt show 3

Wow I can't believe how many photos I took!!!!

This is a gorgeous quilt made entirely from batik fabrics. I love the dark centre and the light border making a quilt within a quilt effect.

Another set of 2 quilts made from the same pattern.

A 9 patch scrap quilt:

One of my favourites. I love the muted background and the different size squares and rectangles.

Another one of my favourites. I stood and looked at this one for ages and struggled to tear myself away. I love the way the two halves of the log cabin blocks are arranged to create the diamond effect.

Great use of a large printed central panel! The central panel is all quilted and embellished and then framed with narrow strip quilting.

This one is also surrounded by narrow strips but has a pieced centre. I love the colours and the orange adds a fab burst of colour.

I adore this Noah's ark quilt!! I'd love to be god enough to make or of these one day! I couldn't resist a close up of the sheep for me and the giraffe for hubby.

I love the swirls on this quilt and if course the pink!!!!!

Another one of my favourites, a lovely street scene.

Another quilt that I struggled to drag myself away from! There were beautiful details to look at everywhere you looked on this quilt. Love the fact it's all made from Christmas fabrics too.

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  1. Hiya Leigh, Long time no See. (Saw this today 16th Jan.)I made a version of the Noah's ark quilt about 7 Years ago for my DD's Godson, was really pleased how it came out, I hav'nt blogged for ages but will post a oicture of it later this week hope you pop by and see it!
    Lorraine. Monkey Business & quilts.


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