Sunday, 30 October 2011

Photos from quilt show 2

As promised here are the second lot of photos from the Autumn quilt show. As with the previous post I've included the photo of the quilt and any close ups of the details then the photo of the label.

I love this one! It's a children's quilt that includes a fully functional game of snakes & ladders including dice & counters. Fantastic!

These were 2 quilts side by side and are a great example of how a different choice of fabrics can make the same pattern look completely different.

This one was a lovely shawl style quilt with handmade beaded tassels.

A lovely quilt with geometric shapes. One of hubby's favourites.

The other one of hubby's favourites this time with a lovely mix of shapes.

I love the patterns created by the offset blocks in this one:

This one is an 'interwoven curved log cabin'. I love the way it looks like interwoven threads.

I love the colours and patterns in this one. I was even lucky enough to meet the pattern designer.

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