Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Babies, babies, babies!!!!

They seem to be everywhere at the moment! Everywhere I look on the school run there are bumps and newborns and one friend has a 2 week old, one is due in 3 weeks and another due in April! Plus another not so close friend due twins at end of April!
So I'm baby sewing mad at the moment!!
I made this gorgeous bib for Riley the 2 week old:

This bunting for Noah who is due in 3 weeks:

And I haven't even started on sewing for the other ones yet!

Also had a few orders in for baby items.
A fleece baby blanket for a little premature baby weighing just 3lb12oz:

A taggie for little Riley from his Aunt:

And a few dummy keepers:

No wonder I'm broody!!! ;-)

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