Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sew along - Japanese folded patchwork bag - Making the sides, base and strap (4 of 6)

So here we are week 4! How are you doing? keeping up ok?
I personally chose to make the sides and strap by machine but they can be hand sewn if you wish.

The sides:
* Take 18 of your 1 inch strips and join together using a 1/4 inch seam to give you 4x9 inch panel. Iron seams to one side. Repeat with other 18 strips so you have 2 panels.
* Make a sandwich of your patchwork panel, a piece of wadding and your panel that matches your base fabric.
* Using a decorative stitch sew through all three layers either side of the seams joining the strips together
* bind around all 4 sides.

* Make a sandwich of main fabric, wadding, plastic camvas, main fabric
* tack around all 4 sides to keep in place
* Bind around all 4 sides

* Fold in 1/8 inch along each side, press with iron
* Fold in half lengthwise wrong sides together
* Using the same decorative stitch that you used on the sides stitch around all 4 sides

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