Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sew along - Japanese folded patchwork bag - Introduction (1 of 6)

OK so as this would make quite a huge tutorial I've decided to try doing this as a 6 part sew along. Do post in the comments when you decide to have a go, or post a link to any posts on your blogs I'd love to see what you all make!!!

So I'm giving instructions a bag loosely based on the tutorial by Marie Porter in Fabrications magazine.I adjusted the tutorial to make a large messenger bag (12x12x4 inches).

So here is what you will need so you can start to get your supplies together:
* 1/2 metre fabric A for the inside of the circles or 24 4x4 inch charm squares
* 1.5m of fabric B for the main part of the bag
* low waft wadding
* Thread to match fabric B
* Contrasting thread for decorative stitching
* plastic canvas (you will need 2 rectangles 4x9 inches)
* Embroidery cotton
* needle
* pins
* cardboard to make templates
* a compass or something to draw around to make a 6.5 inch and 6 inch circles.
* an iron

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