Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Latest cushion custom order

I thought I'd share with you the cushions I made for my friend to give her mum for mother's day. The cushions themselves were pretty simple once we found just the right fabric as she was VERY specific about what she wanted. She wanted a burgundy fabric that was an exact match to some existing curtain tie backs, she wanted a satin/shiny fabric, she wanted a plain fabric with no pattern at all, she wanted larger than average cushions which meant me making the cushion pads too, she wanted an envelope back so that if she falls asleep on the sofa she doesn't end up lying on a zip.
It was a hard task but we got there in the end and she absolutely loved them!!! (apparently it's unusual to get past a like with her so to get to love is very rare). And I even had a lovely bunch of flowers from her to say thank you!

The bottom picture is one she sent me of them in their new home in front of the window with the tie backs she wanted them to match. 

My friend that I made them for also had cushion covers from me a few months back:

So there we go, a whole family of cushions!

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