Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Research for college - cushions

Thanks everyone for the get well soon emails I've received they meant a lot! Unfortunately still rather limited on the energy front not that I ever have much these days with the Fibro/ME! Also my poor little man now has it too although luckily he doesn't seem to be suffering too badly just looks sore but he maintains he's fine and for the most part he seems ok just a little clingy and a temperature. We've been making the most of our confinement though and got some sewing projects completed (posts on these to follow soon) and I've been working on getting my portfolio sorted for college. So far I've compiled my photo evidence, detailed my inspiration research and made the sheets to glue my fabric samples to. I thought I'd share my research sheet for my cushion module with you:

Cushion Making - Research and Inspiration
Leigh Drewett

I plan to make 4 cushions using the same fabrics but different patchwork styles. My biggest problem will be choosing which 4!
Design 1 – Dresden plate

Design 2 – Cathedral window

Design 3 –  Hexagons

Design 4 – zig zag
Design 5 – star

Design 6 – Log cabin 

Design 7 – Brick stripe

Design 8 – String blocks

Design 9 – Applique

Design 10 – YoYos 

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  1. Wow ...what to choose ....only four . I think 2 traditional 2 with a twist....Log Cabin or Hexagons and Dresden plate ....then Cathedral window and a modern Aplique ...but then what do I know I havent delved into the realms of patchwork ... yet lol
    Good luck with your choice


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