Friday, 11 March 2011

My poor baby boy!

Look at my little man!

He fell over and landed on the corner of his train table. At first I thought it was just a nose bleed but once I cleaned it up I realised there was a massive tear at the bottom of his nose. Cue a trip to A&E!! It's only his second trip which the amount he leaps about and climbs is amazing!!
The verdict is that he's torn his septum in 2 directions and the centre is so deep that it has to be stitched. They tried to do it under local anaesthetic but no chance! So for tonight I have to try and keep him calm and still (that should be fun!!) and nil by mouth from midnight then back to hospital for 8:30am to stitch it under general anaesthetic. My baby boy! :-(

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  1. poor Sam! I hope you feel better soon. All the best for tomorrow xx

  2. Oh.. it is soo hard to see our little ones in pain.. You and your little boy are in my thoughts and prayers.. hoping for a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh Leigh! Bummer! I am so sorry. We will pray for you guys!

  4. poor little Sam
    Hope he is soon feeling better, boys will be boys lol... I lived at the local hospital for years.........


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