Tuesday, 22 March 2011

low cost items for table sale

I've got two table sales coming up soon (on the 31st of March and 12th April)  and I've been focusing on small low cost items to sell as this allows me to get my stock built up quickly as I haven't been well and not made as much as I had hoped and as they are low cost they often sell well as impulse buys. These are usually things that can be made fairly quickly and are great for using up smaller leftover pieces of fabric that aren't really of use for anything else other than going in the patchwork drawer. 

I've been making:

The stuffed heart was easy to make. I drew a heart in Microsoft word using the insert shape feature and then mounted onto an empty cereal box for stability. Then I just cut 2 out in pretty fabric scraps and put wrong sides together. Stitch around 3/4 of the way then stuff with a small amount of toy stuffing and stitch the remaining 1/4. Cut all the way around using pinking scissors then add a hanging loop and embellish. This one was using string from a package but they look lovely with buttons, ribbon, small charms etc... I also add a few drops of lavender fragrance oil so they small nice. 

The template for the eye mask came from craftbits.com  The first one i made i tried stuffing it but it just didn't feel right so I changed it slightly. 
* cut the shape out 3 times: once in the pretty fabric and twice in fleece fabric.
* layer the shapes in order : 2 fleece pieces with right side up, elastic (17 inches long) with the ends sticking out slightly at either side then the pretty fabric on top with the right side down. 
* stich around leaving gap for turning. 
* turn right way out and top stitch around as close to edge as possible 

The dish liquid apron was based on a tutorial from sewing.about.com but as UK bottles are a different shape I had to alter it quite alot. I also changed it to use elastic at the neck and back so it fits securely rather than using ribbon ties. I also discovered that it was easier and neater to cut 2 (one pretty and one plain for back) and stitch wrong way out, turn and top stitch.  I've made an assortment with different embellishments like posckets, ribbon, lace, buttons and bows. 

All 3 are priced at £2 so hoping they will sell well! fingers crossed. 

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  1. £2 seems a tad low to me, if I were you I'd maybe think about £3 each or 4 for £10 so you encourage multiple sales.

    Well done on getting so much done though! xx


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