Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Being a DIY diva!!!

I've had a few ideas for items that I can use for display but for some reason was waiting for hubby to do them. Why?? I'm capable of doing them myself my box I made for technology GCSE in school in 1995 is still in one piece after all!
So I made this display board

Here it is holding Sammy's bag

And he wanted his picture taken with it too!

And my second job was a way to display my "cookie-pops" when I sell them individually at craft fayres and coffee mornings. I'd seen Perspex ones on eBay but they wanted £30+ no chance!! I'd had a few ideas but none that I could quite figure out how to make. So this morning I improvised! 2 lids off cardboard paper boxes, 2 cardboard packaging inserts from when dad's iPad was delivered and a bag of rice for weight.

I glued the cardboard insert to the top of the box so the holes would be going through something thicker than one layer of cardboard therefore giving more support to the sticks. I drilled from the inside to make sure I was catching the inserts.
Then I filled the box with the rice to give the base weight and taped the edges well.
A covering of pretty wrapping paper and some tape to reinforce where the holes are and I have a display stand that will hold 20 cookie pops. (the drill bit is demonstrating in the picture) and the cost? 1 bag of rice about 80p and a sheet of wrapping paper about 30p. Now I just have to bake some cookies to test it out!

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