Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wrapping station

I'd been thinking for a while I needed to find a way to keep all my wrapping things together in one place. Meanwhile this bathroom organiser had been unused since we moved into this house as it's a rental with floor to ceiling tiles and therefore we couldn't find a home for it.

One day it struck me that this could be the solution to my wrapping problems. It was indeed much simpler than the fancy ideas I had been planning involving plastic pockets and elastic. The shelves were perfect for holding essentials like pens, tape, tags and ribbon all that they needed was some card inserting as a base to stop things falling through the gaps in the bars. The I added a canvas tote on the hooks at the bottom to hold all my wrapping paper and hung it in this space behind my desk. 

The bag is working great for holding flat sheets of wrapping paper but not so great for rolls so I think I need to make 2 bags in place of the canvas one. One a small rectangular bag for holding folded sheets of wrapping paper and one a long thin one for holding rolls. I'll post more pictures if and when I actually get around to it. 


  1. Such a fab idea, I love it when you can reuse something in such an original way , thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  2. Thanks Amanda, it's working really well and makes the last minute rush for cards less stressful.


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