Friday, 11 February 2011

Replying to comments

So whenever someone comments on my blog (after I calm down from my excitement! - yes really it makes me so happy!!) I want to make a point of replying to acknowledge the comment and thank the person. What I've been doing is going into that post and replying as a comment (like I would do on Facebook) but I don't think people are seeing them?? I know I don't see other comments made after me on someone else's blog. So would I be better off emailing the person directly?
I'm still quite new to this and any advice is appreciated.

Thanks Leigh xx

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  1. I find this tough too cos unless people tick 'email follow up comments to (insert email address here), then I don't think they do see them. I've followed people to their own blogs before and then posted on one of their own posts in reply but that's a bit random....Maybe when you find an answer you can share it with us! :P

    p.s. I'll be ticking for follow up comments to be emailed to me just in case you do!

  2. I email back directly when I have something to say. If they have asked a question that I think other readers would benefit from hearing the answer as well then I will do both (email and comment). Sometimes I wonder if other readers think I don't reply because I don't put things in the comments, but I just don't think the original person goes back to look again.


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  4. Hi Leigh! Thanks for stopping by at The Quick Unpick...
    this is a little bit of a tough one -me personally I tend to email back but if the person has blocked email (no-reply blogger) then I will sometimes head to thier blog and pop a comment in there. Never really thought about others thinking I dont reply... but now that Taylor's mentioned it I am wondering if I look rude for not having replied under their comment - maybe neurotic but true!
    Hope you have a great weekend - and whatever works for you I guess :)
    The Spangler


    The Spangler @

    The Quick Unpick

  5. Hi Leigh! First I want to thank you for following my blog! I'm so happy to have you there.

    As to how you should reply to comments.... most people reply directly through a return e-mail. Very seldom do people go back into your comments to "search" for a reply you may have made there. I always reply to comments via an e-mail back, even if it's just to say "thanks" for visiting my blog. Here's how you can get the comments to come directly to your e-mail account so it's easy to reply:

    Log into Blogger.... when you are on your Dashboard, select the Settings button. When that opens, select Comments. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and in the box that says "Comment Notification Email", put in the e-mail address you want to use to receive the comments. Click save and you're done. Now, in addition to getting the comments on your blog, they will come directly to your e-mail also and you don't have to go back and forth to your blog to see if you have any comments. Also, you can just reply right from the e-mail! Easy peasy!

    Hope this helps!



  6. I agree, the easiest way I've found to reply to comments is through e-mail. If you're set up so the comments e-mail to you & people have an e-mail in their profile, it makes it really easy. I know I personally don't keep track of every blog I've left a comment on to go back & check. There's just no way I could keep track of it all! The problem I run into is the "no-reply" bloggers, which a lot of people don't realize they even are. If that's the case, I'll usually leave a comment on their blog & mention the "no-reply" issue. Sometimes they fix it, sometimes they don't. And for the people without public profiles, well, there's only so much you can do to track people down!


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