Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Home task - make a dragon

You may remember I posted a few days ago about Sam's home task for this week's school holidays. With it being St David's Day on March 1st his task was to make a dragon model out of trash. Visions of super models with lots of papier mache sprung to mind but he hates to get his hands dirty and this was supposed to be his task not mine so I put my thinking cap on.
Then I came across this:

So we saved the middle from an empty toilet roll, printed off the templates and glued them onto an old cereal box for strength. Then armed with a felt tip pen Sam set about colouring it in. He's only just 4 so I think he did quite well. Then we cut the pieces out and glued them onto the toilet roll. We had to use pegs to keep them in place while they dried but it's all ready for taking to school on Monday.
What do you think? Not bad is it??

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  1. I think he did very well, love the colour. Another crafter in the making!


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