Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Crazy Crazy Crazy!!!

What a few days we've had around here! Had my MRI yesterday morning which went ok but need to wait for the results. Then yesterday afternoon my mum arrived unexpectedly to tell me that hubby had rung her to come tell me he'd got taken ill at work and been taken to the hospital! Apparently he was worried I'd panic! me! of course I would! lol
Mum and Dad took Sammy to their house and dropped me off at the hospital. After lots of questions, and prodding and lots and lots of waiting they decided they were keeping him in overnight as he has a very nasty infection and needed antibiotics.
Amazingly my fibro is behaving (think its going to hit after the adrenaline wears off) and I even made it to the table sale this morning. Didn't take much about £12-£15 I think but Gave out lots of cards and lots of interest in the example cookie bouquets I took with me including possible table centres for a December wedding!!
So hubby is still in meaning lots of cuddles for me and little Sammy and hopefully he'll be home tomorrow. One of the girls took some photos of my table so I'll add them once I get them .

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