Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cookie Bouquets

My first attempt at cookie bouquets was mostly successful. I made a huge batch of sugar cookie dough and experimented at cutting out one of virtually every cookie cutter I own. The first bouquet that I made was for my friend's daughter's birthday and as it was ruby's 4th birthday the following day i used store bought pink icing on hers for speed but the rest I made royal icing from scratch and did a base coat then let it sit overnight and piped the details by thickening the royal icing from the day before.
And to answer a question many of my facebook followers asked, the thing in the background is my weighing scale! and any of you that want to follow me on facebook Leigh Dessigns and yes i can spell the extra s was to get around facebook's name recognition software.

Ruby's 4th Birthday:

Ethan's well done with your reading:

Andrea's anniversary I love you:

Emma's Mum + Sister just because:

and a few other practice ones. 
I gave away what I could and the rest my son and husband demolished pretty quickly!! 


  1. I love the soccer cookie bouquet. Those would be great to make for my kids' soccer snacks. So cute!

  2. Thanks Amy,
    I was ok till I realised i had no idea how to draw a football pattern! lol not really a sporty family.

  3. This is so cute! I will have to try it.


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